Using creatine powder without water to gain weight- Gain lean mass not fat mass

Creatine powder expels water from the body into our muscles. More lean mass more is the water content; as a result, to it, muscle cells expand.

Hence, expanded muscles need more calories to maintain their size.

Consequently, muscles draw on reserves of fat in the body to fulfill calorie requirement to maintain their size.

what creatine is best for building muscle

What creatine is best for building muscle?

ATP- triphosphate-phosphocreatine (P Cr) energy system working inside the body is responsible for improving muscle mass with a physical power edge.

Phosphocreatine stores in muscles break releasing phosphate group to generate energy and regenerate ATP capable of sustaining high-intensity short timing exercise of about 5-10 seconds.

But, it is restricted hence creatine powder as supplement pose an ergogenic aid catalyzing ATP regeneration at a higher rate.

Maintenance of optimum pH levels within muscles for a continuous performance having minimal fatigue.

Water weight gain is temporary-

As explained earlier, creatine draws off water from the body within muscles. As prevention of dehydration, one must increase intake of water when consuming creatine. Using a creatine powder without water to gain weight.

Indeed, our muscles constitute about 75% of water content. Furthermore, water gain by use of creatine inside the body is accredited to intra cellular osmotic pressure.

How it works-

Additional water weight of around 10-20 pounds is common. Once the dose of creatine is lowered, this fluctuation in weight fades without any further water retention. Creatine results in increase of cellular volume.

Creatine powder is a non-caloric supplement help in gaining muscle weight.

If you go to a gym regularly or you are an athlete of high intensity, short duration exercise or sports activity creatine gives that extra edge of energy to perform better in building muscles and lifting.

Creatine monohydrate supplement reviews

For a healthy male 0.3g/kg/d of creatine powder as a supplement for about 5 days and for female about 0.1g/kg/d following 3-5 g/d of creatine for next 28 days after a workout.