The world we live in today

The rat race

The humdrum of daily life has made our modern world a maze of stress and mental agony. Everyone is running after something today and it has made our life a rather mundane affair of doing the same rigorous task over and over to achieve what might seem to be a fruitless endeavor. When it is all over, people often realize that it might have been for nought and that they have missed plenty of things that are good in life.

No doubt the hustle and bustle of the urban world seems exciting at first and people dive into it with enthusiasm. But this enthusiasm is often short lived as expectations are usually buried under the burden of a cataclysm of mundane daily affairs. The tall buildings that once looked like gentle giants slowly start looking like deadly monsters and the grand busy streets teeming with people start feeling like a never ending source of headache as the noises and the sights of people and vehicles everywhere start suffocating you and your senses.

The people in these busy cities usually end up wishing that they have some quieter, more relaxing place to live in away from the towering concrete jungles. Some of these people taking an early retirement and some even go as far as changing their profession to something more psychologically rewarding and retiring to a smaller and quaint abode far away from the rat race. There are also of course people who have seen everything and who decide to finally shed their roles as one of the racers and become a retiree.

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