How to choose a good model train

These days, there are a wide variety of model steam engines available. So it can get a little overwhelming while making a choice. For some tips you can have a look at Here also we have given you some suggestions which should help you in making an informed decision –

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SizeModel trains are usually made as per the common scales. These are the proportions to the real trains or the prototypes. You need to determine which scale works for you best. Some prefer small scales like N as it works well in small layouts. Some prefer the O scales as these are easy to handle. Some might even prefer the G’s potential. If at all you are buying a model as a gift, it would be better to know ahead which scale they use.

PowerTrain sets usually come with quite a basic power pack. They usually give you enough power for maybe one train and some accessories. Yes, you can control the speed and direction; but it is not very precise. Of course, there are always exceptions. There are some high end sets which have a larger power supply. Some companies like Bachmann have brought in HO sets along with DCC or digital command control. It gives you control over multiple locomotives with very little wiring.

TracksMost HO, N as well as O models are inclusive of integrated roadbed tracks. This has a plastic base which is raised and molded and stands for the ballast and ties. Each manufacturer has their own line and calls it by their trade name. The newer ones are more suitable for beginners. The only disadvantage of such systems seems that they are not compatible universally. Conventional tracks are built as per standards which were made by the National Model Railroad Association. If you plan on an expansion later, you might need to consider this.

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