Different Types of Burglar Alarms in the Market

In this day and age, where security is a major issue, burglar alarms have become very popular. These alarms help you in keeping the burglars from entering your house. Moreover, when the alarm gets activated, these burglars run away in order to avoid getting caught. As a result, the chances of any crime are very low. You can choose the type of burglar alarm that suits your purchasing power and offers the amount of security you would like. You can take help of security companies, like 247 CCTV, for selection and installation of burglar alarm.

Let us go through the different types of burglar alarms that are present in the market:

  • Bells-only alarm

The very first type of burglar alarm is bells-only alarm. As the name suggests it, whenever a break-in is discovered the alarm makes a noise in order to alert. Moreover, the external alarm goes on ringing for at the most 20 minutes. However, the internal alarm and outdoor light will go on until you turn off the system.


  • Monitored alarm

In this alarm system when a break-in is detected the signals are sent to the monitoring centre. They will take steps to verify whether the alarm was fake or real. In case it was real, they will notify the police. To know more about it, you can visit http://www.247cctv.co.uk

  • Dummy alarm box

Though this is the cheapest option but you may not want to go for it. This alarm system is a fake alarm. You may not be able to rely on it completely as most of the professional intruders will be able to discover that it is a fake alarm.

  • Wireless or wired alarm

Professionals install the wired alarms and they hide all the wires. On the other hand, wireless alarms work on a battery. They are cheaper and simpler to install.

Therefore, choose any of the above-mentioned burglar alarms and 247 CCTV will help you install them.