Characteristics and Personality of Russian Blue Cat

The Russian blue cat is a type of cat which has the capability of adapting to any given condition; they are affectionate, sensitive and very smart. If you want a companion which can return the equal amount of love given to it and can even shock you sometimes by intelligence that Russian blue cat would be the right choice for you. Winning the cat’s trust and building up the bond with the cat is the primary thing to do with your cat. After you have done the above things, the cat will definitely respond to you. This information down under will help you to know more about the cat’s personality and behavior.

Eye candy of the family
The cat takes no time to mix with all the members of the family and be a part of the family, and it gets very close to one or sometimes two members of the family. Shyness is in the nature of the breed, but once it gets comfortable with you, you will find how much warmth it keeps for you.

our friends 4 ever

Best mate
Another important trait of the cat is that they are quite mature and can adjust very easily in an apartment despite being so smart, intelligent and stubborn. They love to live in a clean environment. If want to live it alone inside the house, make sure to give a spot by the window and a post for scratching or else it might get destructive or boring.

Keen observer
They are very intelligent, and they have a tendency to solve any kind of problems. They observe you very keenly, and if you think you can hide anything from it then you are wrong, their sharp instincts help them get anything they want. They are great for learning, and they catch basic training skills very easily. has the best characteristics for the Russian Cats. Please visit to know more about the Russian Cats.